August 10th, 2019Bill Blum

Thank you so much for allowing me to play with you and Mike last night at the Highlawn Pavilion. I rarely get an opportunity to play with such incredibly talented musicians like you and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Also- kudos to you and your accomplishments I see on your website. Please pass on my thanks to Mike and Sam. God bless you and good luck in everything you do.

May 31st, 2019Sandra Jones


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May 9th, 2019Eric


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March 11th, 2019Patti McCloskey

Hi Mark. I hope all is going well for you. I know it has been awhile and I assure you that I am reaching out only as a friend.
Victor Wooten is coming to Drew for a free concert. He's performing on Wednesday, March 20 at 7:30 p.m. I just got a ticket for myself and would be willing to get one for you if you are interested. If not, no worries.
Hope all is well.



January 10th, 2019William Waheed


I was referred by your cousin, Carolyn Doyle King. I am producing the documentary on her father, Mr. Ernest L Doyle. She thought perhaps you could assist me with music for the documentary. Please contact, my number is 601.594.6792, a Mississippi number but I live in Selma. And by the way, I heard Casandra perfrom in hearly days in Mississippi. I am impressed with your work.

I am really impressed with your work.

December 31st, 2018Arlene Jende

It was good to see you this past Friday; I have missed you.
Enjoy your New Year's Eve and stay safe.
I hope you have the Best ever for 2019 -- health and happiness.

November 30th, 2018Emma Parker

Hi, wanted to say what a great site you have. Was wondering could your company handle more customers?

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November 27th, 2018Randy Halberstadt

Hello Mr. Peterson,

I’m a pianist from Seattle ( and the recent creator of a set of eight online musician directories. They’re completely free to use and free to join – I’m just doing this as a labor of love. I would very much like to include you in both the bassist directory and the composer/arranger directory (and the music educator directory if you like). Here’s the link to the directory page on my website: Once on that page, you can see any directory via its “VIEW IT" link and sign up via its “JOIN IT" link.)

No worries if you choose to pass. I at least wanted you to know that the directories exist in case you have the occasion to refer to them for someone's contact info. And please spread the word!

Thanks much, Randy Halberstadt

March 18th, 2018Arlene

Will you teach me to dance?

May 30th, 2017Graham Pilgrim

Hi there, it was good to see you at Let it beer the other weekend. My website is & you can find me on Facebook. my email is

Let me know when you're next in Rome & we'll hook up for a meal.

Kind regards


May 17th, 2017Ugo Rossi

Hi Mark,
these are my projects:

I am available as a drummer and arranger.

Thank you.

Ugo Rossi

February 27th, 2017Sharon Thompson

Great Music !

February 6th, 2017Cécile

Salut Mark! nous nous sommes vusà Créteil samedi dernier, Ronny... Will Calhoun.... ça va? bien rentré? voilà mon adresse, plus je t'ai envoyé une invitation facebook. La prochaine fois que tu viens à Paris, on peut essayer d'organiser quelque chose.. je promets rien.. mais on peut essayer... got everything?? :))) very nice bass playing last saturday yesssss :))) do you know Paco Sery? I bet you do.. he played on César Anot's CD, the bass player I told you about. Not sure I can find my fav song on youtube but it's on spotify.. I'll send it to you!! take care, CC (Cécile)

January 17th, 2017kmkraimer

hello mark- we met at the Shrine Friday after your set. here is my email which is best way to connect. my cell sound is broken -only takes texts-
its Tuesday- I will be at barbes tonight working the second door for Slavic Soul Party. please drop by or feel free to be in touch. btw: Nice bio!! :) kima

January 10th, 2017Paul Blaney

Hi Mark - I heard your Deep Focus program last night on WKCR in NYC. What a great show - I wanted first of all to say thanks a million! Can you share the playlists from Jonathan Swift\'s (I used to hang out there in the early 70s and saw Colours at Berklee College of Music in 75 on their Yellow Fields tour, also in 79 on their Silent Feet tour at The Bottom Line) and Hamburg Radio? Wow - Maurizius was just absolutely fantastic (as was all the rest)!! Is there any way to be able to hear the incredible music again? I also really enjoyed the snippet of you playing and will be exploring your music and work. Again, MANY thanks! All the best - Paul

November 27th, 2016KWEKU


googled you to see what you are up to these days. i saw that you are touring a bit in Europe. I am living in The Netherlands now. If you are ever passing through, it would be great to eee you and catch up.



August 11th, 2016JR

Longtime no see! I'm actually working over at Sadowsky basses these days both in the workshop building and doing their social media. I saw that you liked one of our photos and thought I'd get in touch. If you are ever in Long Island city you should stop in and visit.

January 21st, 2016Dan Paccione

Hi Mark,
My name is Dan Paccione, we met this past October. You gave us a fantastic show with Skyline Drive at my brother's wedding. I sat in for a little jam, and had my 1973 jazz bass with me. Im doing a mix of party bands, singer/songwriter session, and some little road gigs here and there. I sing a bit too, play some guitar, but I am really interested in getting into a wedding music scene, and getting the bass repertoire together for it. If you have any room in your sub stable, I am a reliable pocket bass player, willing to learn repertoire for all styles.
Anyway, let me know if, and thanks for your time!
Warm regards,
Dan Paccione
646 479 7948

ps.. I like the staircase photo, reminds me of the Golden Mean.

December 6th, 2015Judy jablon

Hi. We've heard you many times at high lawn. I've been asked about finding a jazz group for a small party in nuclear on January 9. Are you available and what would be the cost?
Judy jablon

February 7th, 2015Antar Goodwin

I'm wondering if you teach. I'm looking for a good teacher. I'm a working professional bassist in the nyc area. Here's a link to my site, it needs to be updated, but It will give you the basics. Thanks. I hope to hear from you. Feel free to call or text.


September 12th, 2014MaryAnn Anselmo "Mariel"

Hi Mark! Would love to catch up. I'm back!

I am planning to go to Frank Ponzio's performance on September 17th @ Tomi Jazz. Will you be performing that night too? If not, what is a good time to talk?


July 12th, 2014Roland

I have a business plan which incorporates a wine bar and a performance stage...I would love to have you look at it and perhaps pass on to the Oracle people if you could. Let's talk.

May 22nd, 2014Roland Arnold

Stopped by to say hello...digging the Welcome to Babylon. Stop by my place if you haven't already...
Really like your power snare , cheers.

January 19th, 2014Veronika Stollnitz

Ladies and Gentlemen,

How long is Mr. Mark Peterson staying in Vienna for the concert at the Viennese Porgy & Bess (19/01/2014) and where can he be reached during his abidance on Vienna (Hotel Daniel?) & when will the soundcheck take place approximately? It would be about a short oral Interview (2-5 minutes) for JazzEcho.

Would it be possible to arrange a short meeting either today or tomorrow?

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Journal: JazzEcho.


Veronika Stollnitz.

December 27th, 2013Mark Mosley

Great website/music!


October 24th, 2013Joel Rosenblatt

Hey Mark, ,met you at EWR. Drummer with BS&T. Let me know if you need any drum services, your stuff sounds great!!
check out my studio:
safe travels

October 10th, 2013larry fast

Hey Mark-

Great talking with you this evening! Now you've got the direct email-; 908-647-3007. The main, (somewhat old) website is My reel is up at Fan news goes to: Friend me at:

Catch you soon,

October 5th, 2013Ken Kresge

Hi Mark,

This is pianist Ken Kresge. I play solo piano at the Highlawn Pavilion on many of the Saturdays. Just wanted to reach out to you and give you my contact info in case you might need a sub pianist for a Friday night.

When I am not working, I lookk forward to coming in and hearing you guys play.

Ken Kresge

July 25th, 2013James Gibson

Hello Mr. Peterson! I hope you're well! I'm not sure if you remember me. I played the a gypsy jazz group that opened for a trio you played with at a jazz fest in Camden, SC. You used my bass. You played beautifully, and it was a great pleasure to meet you and speak with you. I'm contacting you to see if you would be open to arranging a lesson with me sometime. I'm looking to get to NYC in the coming months, and I would love to meet with you, providing you're available and willing.

June 28th, 2013Ulrich Petereit (Munich, Germany)

Mark, you know me from several tours Germany Austria JBU. I would like to be in contact with you concerning booking matters. Would you please e-mail or Skype, nick "cha2uke". Have a great day, Ulrich

April 18th, 2013Günther maienschein

Hi Mark,
Do you remember? I' m With my Wireless in NY 08-11th of may. Are you Around to Meet?

Looking forward to hear from you

Günther maienschein

March 20th, 2013John Paul Conti


I am organizing a corp event for Wed 5/22/13 on a dinner cruise for 50 people. Are you interested in such a small event? If not, can you recommend any colleagues? Please let us know.


March 9th, 2013RON FOSTER

Hey Mark, potential rehearsals for upcoming GIG in APRIL..Mondays..can you give me a call?

December 15th, 2012Connie Campbell

Hi mark, can not get in touch as I do not have your email, only your site on the card you gave me at detroit metro .
It was nice to meet you and hope you get in touch when you pass through Holland.
mark, send me an email address, so that I can give to my niece and she can get in touch maybe with your wife.
cheers, connie Campbell

June 29th, 2012Amy Goff

Hi Mark,
It was so great meeting you and your delightful wife at Chucks' birthday party! I would love to stay in touch and maybe even work together at some point! you can reach me at or on my cell @ (646) 831-0297. I know I gave you my card but it never hurts to follow up! Best to Diane!

May 14th, 2012Jonathan Proville

Hi Mark,

Good meeting you at Peter's party in Brooklyn on May 5th! Let me know if you ever need any top notch catering done in Jersey!

Best Regards,


April 25th, 2012Sela Alexander

Hi Mark,

It's Sela, we drank a few beers after the SCL workshop a few days ago... Anyway, this is my email. I'll be out of town 5/18-9/2, but after that if you are looking for a pianist, I'll be more than happy to play. You can also give me a call to my cell 917-554-9332. Great website, by the way.

It was great meeting you,

April 24th, 2012Rolando Gori

Hey Mark.

Great to meet you and talk with you last night after the SCL session. Send me your email address and I'll forward the information on my wife's children's song that D.D. played piano on.

Looking forward to connecting.

All the best.

Rolando (Gori)